Interview With 'Spine' Actress Beatrice Frias Del Rio

Beatrice Frias Del Rio

Beatrice Frias Del Rio

Why do you like acting and what do you think you gain from it?

Theatre has always been one of my biggest loves. Being on stage and telling someone else’s story to an interested audience is an amazing experience.  Observing the impact after the end of a play really solidifies in my head why I love acting.  It can have such an effect and really brings people together.  I have made so many amazing friends through acting over the years.

How do you feel taking on a one-woman play, and what do you think is the biggest challenge?

I am so grateful that Sandra has given me this opportunity.  It is incredible for me to be able to say I’ve done a one-woman play, and has taught me so much about my acting ability.  At first the thought of being on stage by myself for a whole play was a bit daunting!  But when we got into the swing of things I started to embrace the feeling. Most people think that learning lines is the most difficult part of a one-woman show, but the biggest challenge for me is keeping the performance watchable and engaging the audience. This is such a fantastic story for me to be able to share.

Beatrice Frias Del Rio as Amy in Spine

What is the most difficult thing about playing the part of Amy?

The play has a lot of ups and downs for Amy.  It has felt important for me to accurately portray her different sides and get the right balance between her bolshiness and her vulnerability.  Keeping the energy going from the very beginning is quite a task, as Amy’s character changes significantly by the end of the play.

How do you feel about your character and do you share any similarities?

I love Amy, and being able to tell her story is great fun. On the outside she is a big character, but she hides a much softer and more vulnerable side.  I think that’s a trait that a lot of people will be able to watch and relate to. Hiding vulnerability is a similarity I think we both share. It seems to me that she finds it difficult to open up and talk to people about things and I relate to that a lot. I also have younger siblings as Amy does, and can relate to her feeling of protection towards her family.

What was your first reaction to reading the play and is that any different now?

After first reading the play I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I liked the concept of the different voices conveying the various different characters, but I wasn’t sure what to make of the story line – if I’m honest I didn’t fully understand it!  Bringing the story to life has completely changed my view of it and has enabled me to appreciate many aspects that you don’t see from just reading it. I love the comedy sections, and especially the “real Amy” that you get to know,  rather than the Amy that she wants people to see.

Beatrice Frias Del Rio as Amy in Spine

How do you feel before a rehearsal, and how do you feel after?

I love going to rehearsals, although I am always a bit anxious before we get going. Whether it’s a run or if we are just working on small sections, I always feel nervous before I say my first line.  Once the rehearsal is underway I feel completely differently and I have a massive buzz after I’ve said the last line.  It gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment.

What do you think you have learned from this project?

I’ve been really lucky to have Sandra’s guidance and direction through this.  Her ideas have allowed me to explore my acting in greater depths.  The biggest thing I have learnt is not to be afraid of silence. Silence can speak volumes when it is used correctly.  It has become a really powerful aspect of acting for me.

What would you like people to take away from seeing this play?

This play has so many angles to it that the audience are likely to leave with a wide range of different emotions.  I really hope that people will enjoy watching the blossoming of such a pure friendship between Amy and Glenda.  Despite their enormous differences, they really value each other.  I think that’s an important message.

Spine by Clara Brennan at The Lamb Theatre, Eastbourne. July 24th - 27th Click here to book

Spine by Clara Brennan