A Sneak Preview of the Green Room Productions 2017 Programme

At Green Room Productions, we put on plays that make people think, laugh and cry. Our mission is to bring the best modern plays to Eastbourne and play them with oodles of heart and plenty of polish.  This season promises to be no different.  We have selected three brilliant new plays for your viewing pleasure to move and amuse.  In addition to our theatrical programme, we’re also offering a treat for the ears with a performance by our talented singing group, the Green Room Belles.

March 29th to 1st April - Di and Viv and Rose by Amelia Bullmore

Giving us un insight into the friendship of three female students in a shared house in the 80s, this play is energetic and full of fun.  True to real life, it isn’t all frivolity, however, and delivers enough range of emotional content to move the hardest of hearts.  Sandra, our director, chose to put on this play after it was recommended to her by a friend.  She read the script and was so impressed that she applied for the rights to perform it with the same persistence and dedication as Andy Dufresne pestering for money for books in the Shawshank Redemption.  Like Andy, she got her way in the end and is delighted to be directing it this year.

July 26th to 29th - This Wide Night by Chloe Moss

Sandra sat up until an ungodly hour of the night reading this play because she couldn’t put it down.  She described it as “a powerful, gritty and emotionally poignant drama and is going to be a huge challenge for the two actors.  Everything that a good play should be.”  It explores the issues faced by two women after they leave prison.  The company that first produced the play, Clean Break, put on plays to raise awareness of the complex problems faced by women at the wrong side of the criminal justice system including mental health issues going untreated.  We hope the play captivates the audience the same way it captivated Sandra.

August 11th to 13th - Belles Sing Hollywood

After the success of their Christmas concert, Belles Sing Broadway, the girls were very excited to be performing again at the Lamb.  Like the Christmas show, this time around they will be sharing some unusual arrangement of film soundtrack classics alongside less well known but equally lovely songs.

November 22nd to 25th - East of Berlin by Hannah Moscovitch

We have all heard the Biblical quote that begins “the sins of the father…” and, in this play, we see how a son deals with finding out his father’s sins are terrible indeed.  The main character, Rudi, discovers that his father was not only a Nazi during WWII, he was a Nazi doctor who performed horrific experiments on Jews in concentration camps.  This is another play that Sandra has been keen to perform for some time and even had to write to the playwright herself through Twitter to obtain a copy of the script.  What held her back, was the main part requiring a very specific type of actor.  We have now found just the man to bring this thought provoking play to life.

Watch this space for more detailed information about these plays and an insight into our rehearsal process.  If you would like any information about these plays in the meantime, please feel free to contact us.  Tickets are available for all of these shows online here.  We look forward to seeing you at the Lamb Theatre soon.