“Thank you so much for another beautifully directed piece of theatre. We both loved it. I thought both actresses captured the relationship between the sisters exceptionally well, and captured our attention fantastically. Green Room Productions, I love you!”
“Powerful drama in spite of the best efforts of the electrical storm tonight! Emma and Kirrily are both such good actresses and this was a difficult work to portray convincingly. I completely believed the fraught relationship between the two sisters, their initial differences and their discovery of their similarities too. it was interesting to see how the family relationship echoed in the political situation that forms the backing of the play. I love that Green Room choose challenging works to perform”
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Everything Between Us is set in Stormont’s Parliament Buildings on the first day of a newly formed Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Northern Ireland. Sandra Richardson is preparing to take her seat on the Commission when her long-lost sister Teeni explodes into the chamber and assaults the South African chairwoman. To find out if this is a terrorist plot or just her sister’s way of   announcing her return to Belfast, Sandrabundles Teeni into a disused room hidden along the corridors of power. With the world’s media waiting to invade, Sandra and Teeni must learn very quickly how to talk to each other

A controversial dark comedy about secrets, lies and reconciliation.